T.S. CHANAKYA, Navi Mumbai Campus

IMU, Navi Mumbai Campus (T.S. Chanakya) is a shore the based Academy which conducts 3 years B.Sc. degree course in Nautical Science. The syllabus is drawn up with a view to give a broad based marine education, with special emphasis on the fundamentals of marine subjects and practical aspects of the profession. The training programme is so designed, to inculcate officer like qualities and a high sense of discipline amongst the cadets/students. Physical training is an essential part of the curriculum to keep them fit to undertake the tough and adventurous career at sea. A brief outline of the educational and training programme is given below :-

Scholastic :The subjects include English and Communication Skills, Applied Mathematics, Physics and Electronics, Computer Science, Marine Management etc. Practicals in these subjects are also held to meet the requirements of the University.

Professional : Celestial & Terrestrial Navigation, Chart Work, Magnetic and Gyro Compasses, Electronic Communication, Navigational Aids Viz. Radar, GMDSS, Satellite Navigation, GPS etc.

Ship Operation Technology : Naval Architecture, Cargo Work, Ship Maintenance, Seamanship, Collision Prevention, Voyage Planning and Marine Communication etc. Practical training includes maintenance work and experience in handling various navigational instruments together with boatwork, both under oars and power. All drills carried out onboard sea going ships pertaining to safety of life at sea, are regularly exercised in the academy.

Applied : Maritime Law, Marine Engineering, Control Systems and Enviornment Sciences Meteorology, Geology, Oceanography, Marine Pollution, Hydrographic Survey, etc.

Duration Of The Course

The Degree course at IMU, Navi Mumbai Campus ( T.S. Chanakya ) is a three year course with two terms in a year. The first term usually commences in August and lasts till December. The second term commences from January and goes on till the end of May. There are two vacations, monsoon vacation in June / July and a winter vacation in December / January.

Co-curricular activities include visits to shipyards and modern merchant ships. It is compulsory for cadets to take part in physical training, swimming and outdoor games such as basketball, volleyball and badminton etc. Facilities also exist for other activities like photography, painting, music etc.

Strict discipline is maintained in the institute on similar lines to that in Naval or Army Officer/ establishments. The Performance of the cadet is assessed not only in terms of performance in academic subjects but also in terms of participation in co-curricular and extra curricular activities and discipline maintained by them as well.


The promotional examination in 1st and 2nd year will take place in May each year. To monitor the progress of the cadets they will be subjected to regular tests during and at the end of each term. In assessing the standard of the cadet; officer like qualities and disciplinary conduct of the candidate are taken into account.

The final examination will be conducted at the end of three years and the B. Sc. degree in Nautical Science will be awarded by the Indian Maritime University to the successful candidates.

The cadets after successful completion of their training from the above Institutes are directly placed onboard various foreign going Indian and foreign flag vessels. After acquiring the requisite sea time and obtaining the Certificate of Competency in the respective discipline, they can rise to the level of Master or Chief Engineer, as the case may be on a Merchant Navy Ship with attractive salaries and status.

The deck cadets, trained at T. S. Chanakya are responsible for the effective management of the Deck Department including safe navigation of the ship, loading and discharging of cargo, upkeep and maintenance of ship, safety of men and material onboard and observance of the national and international codes of conduct under the Merchant Shipping Act and Rules thereof. Similarly, the Engineering Cadets trained at MERI, Kolkata & NMA, Chennai are responsible for the efficient management of the Engine Department through smooth operation and maintenance of the engineers and various other machineries onboard. The Polyvalent cadets, trained at M.E. R. I., Mumbai, acquire combined knowledge of both fields for the effective and efficient management of the Deck and / or Engine Departments.

After successful completion of the B. Sc. degree from T. S. Chanakya, the cadet is required to put in one year sea going service onboard a Merchant Ship to be eligible to appear for the Certificate of Competency as Second Mate (F. G.) oral examination conducted by the Directorate General of Shipping. On possession of a Certificate of Competency as Second Mate (Foreign Going), the officer is eligible for appointment as 3rd Officer / 2nd Officer. Further promotion as Chief Officer / Master (Foreign Going) respectively after completion of required sea going service and examination. The detailed syllabus, procedure and guidelines in respect of Certificate of Competency Examinations have been published in Merchant Shipping (Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers), Rules,1998 volume I& II.


Three year B.Sc. (Nautical Science) Degree Course.
One year Diploma in Nautical Science, leading to B.Sc. ( Nautical Science ).
Global Maritime Distress and Saftey System (GMDSS).
Fire Fighting Course

Campus Life

At Chanakya, each day is a new challenge and full of numerous activities (Swimming, yoga, games, jogging,boating etc).



Student Facilities

Well Equipped Labs which include Physics / Electronics, Chemistry, Computer etc.



Campus Activity

CHANAKYA has a large and well stocked library. Library has collection of more than 10000 books.